Taxi fare table in Bangkok

This content is the taxi fare, fare table for Bangkok.



TAXI METER Flagdown fare 35 Baht, Flagdown
(inclusive of 1,000m or less)
Meter fare 2 Baht, Every 362m thereafter or less up to 10,000m
2 Baht, Every 306m thereafter or less up to 20,000m
2 Baht, Every 266m thereafter or less up to 40,000m
2 Baht, Every 250m thereafter or less up to 60,000m
2 Baht, Every 222m thereafter or less up to 80,000m
2 Baht, Every 190m thereafter

Distance fare table

1Km 2Km 3Km 5Km 10Km
TAXI METER 35 Baht 41 Baht 47 Baht 59 Baht 85 Baht

15Km 20Km 30Km 50Km 100Km
TAXI METER 119 Baht 151 Baht 227 Baht 381 Baht 851 Baht

The taxi fare of fact, there can be high 10% 20-30% depending on traffic.In addition, the distance fare table on this page, premium or discount does not take into account.

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